List of Publications

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Rockwood, M. P., Loiselle, T. & Green, M. A.. Practical concerns of implementing a finite-time Lyapunov exponent analysis with under-resolved data. Experiments in Fluids. accepted.

Rockwood, M. P. & Green, M. A.. Real-time identification of vortex shedding in the wake of a circular cylinder. AIAA Journal. accepted.

Liu, Y., Wilson, C., Green, M. A., & Hughes, C. W. Gulf Stream transport and mixing processes via coherent structure dynamics. Journal of Geophysical Research - Oceans. 123, 4, 3014-3037.

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Bailey, S., Pentelow, S.. Ghimire, H., Estejab, B., Green, M. A., & Tavoularis, S. Experimental Investigation of the Scaling of Vortex Wandering in Turbulent Surroundings. Journal of Fluid Mechanics. 843, 722-747.

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Kumar, R., King, J. T., & Green, M. A. Three-dimensional pitching panel wake: Lagrangian analysis and momentum distribution from experiments. AIAA Journal.

King, J. T., Kumar, R., & Green, M. A. Experimental observations of the three-dimensional wake structures and dynamics generated by a rigid, bio-inspired pitching panel. Physical Review Fluids. 3, 034701.

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Rockwood, M., Huang, Y., & Green, M. A. Tracking coherent structures in massively-separated and turbulent flows. Physical Review Fluids. 3, 014702.

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Krishna, S., Green, M. A., & Mulleners, K. Flow field and force evolution for a symmetric hovering flat plate. AIAA Journal. 56, 4, 1360-1371.

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Rockwood, M.P., Taira, K., & Green, M. A. Detecting vortex formation and shedding in cylinder wakes using Lagrangian coherent structures. AIAA Journal. 55, 1, 15-23.

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Magstadt, A. S., Kan, P., Berger, Z. P., Ruscher, C. J., Berry, M. G., Green, M. A., Lewalle, J. & Glauser, M. N. Turbulent flow physics and control: The role of big data analyses tools. in Whither Turbulence in and Big Data in the 21st Century? Ed. Pollard, A., Castillo, L., Danaila, L., & Glauser, M. N. Springer, 295-322. Online.

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Kumar, R., King. J. T. & Green, M. A. Momentum distribution in the wake of a trapezoidal pitching panel. Marine Technology Society Journal. 50, 5, 9-23.

The Marine Technology Society is a not-for-profit, international, professional association. Founded in 1963, the Society believes that the advancement of marine technology and the productive, sustainable use of the oceans depend upon the active exchange of ideas between government, industry and academia. See

Huang, Y. & Green, M. A. Detection and tracking of vortex phenomena using Lagrangian coherent structures. Experiments in Fluids. 56, 7, 1-12

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Green, M. A., Rowley, C. W., & Smits, A. J. The unsteady three-dimensional wake produced by a trapezoidal panel. Journal of Fluid Mechanics. 685. 117-145.

© Cambridge University Press. Journal link.

Green, M. A., Rowley, C. W., & Smits, A. J. Using hyperbolic Lagrangian coherent structures to investigate vortices in bioinspired fluid flows. Chaos. 20. (017510)

Green, M. A. & Smits, A. J. Effects of three-dimensionality on thrust production by a pitching panel. Journal of Fluid Mechanics. 615. 211-220.

© Cambridge University Press. Journal link.

Green, M. A., Rowley, C. W., & Haller, G. Detection of Lagrangian coherent structures in three-dimensional turbulence. Journal of Fluid Mechanics. 572. 111-120.

© Cambridge University Press. Journal link.