Melissa Green Melissa A. Green
Assistant Professor
Favorite fluid flow: a vortex street
Favorite journal paper: Zhou et al.'s 1999 paper on hairpin vortices
Favorite research moment (so far): Getting the analysis on my thesis data to work. That meant I got to graduate!


Matthew Rockwood Matthew Rockwood
Ph.D. student
mprockwo at syr.edu
Favorite fluid flow: Airplane wingtip vortices
Favorite journal paper: George Haller's An objective definition of a vortex
Favorite research moment (so far): The first time we ran the PIV system with the small water channel and could view the vortex shedding off the cylinder.

Grad students

Angie Huang Angie Huang
Ph.D. student
yhuang44 at syr.edu
Favorite fluid flow: Reactive flow in combustion
Favorite journal paper: Kim, Moin, and Moser's Turbulence statistics in fully developed channel flow at low Reynolds number
Favorite research moment (so far): The first time when I could numerically simulate the LCS of the flow in turbulence channel with my code.
Justin King Justin King
Ph.D. student
jtking at syr.edu
Favorite fluid flow: Eddies in a river
Favorite journal paper: Dabiri, Colin, Costello, & Gharib's Flow patterns generated by oblate medusan jellyfish: field measurements and laboratory analyses​
Favorite research moment (so far): Getting to see part of my senior design project (and my leg) on the Virginia Tech commercial.
Jack Rossetti Jack Rossetti
Ph.D. student
jsrosset at syr.edu
Favorite fluid flow: Toroidal vortices
Favorite journal paper: I actually do not have an answer to this just yet. Need to read more papers in order to really call one my favorite.
Favorite research moment (so far): Spending the entire day up at the Skytop Jet Facility with Dr. (at the time PhD Candidate) Berger running experiments on heated jet flow. At this point in the experiments we were just starting to understand how the heater actually worked. It was incredibly gratifying to finally get the flow to "stabilize" at a temperature. For us, stable was within 10 degrees of the setpoint temperature for at least a minute.

Visiting Students

Swathi Krishna Swathi Krishna
PhD advisor at EPFL: Karen Mulleners
swkrishn at syr.edu
Favorite fluid flow: Whirlpools
Favorite journal paper: I don't really have a favourite yet but this is one of the first papers that got me interested in Fluid dynamics. A.J Yule, Large scale structures in the mixing layer of a round jet. Journal of Fluid Mechanics, 1978, vol. 89, part 3, pp. 413-432.
Favorite research moment (so far): Recently, I had spent some time setting up a PIV experiment with a flapping wing apparatus. It seemed like Murphy's law was in action all along. But eventually, I got some data and a first look at those gorgeous leading and trailing edge vortices on the wing made it all worthwhile.