People in the Lab


  1. Melissa Green with her pets

    Melissa A. Green

    Associate Professor

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    Favorite fluid flow: A vortex street

    Favorite takeout in Syracuse: Dosa Grill

    Favorite cat: Spike (pictured) (Don't tell Perl.)


  1. Firas Siala portrait

    Firas Siala

    PhD 2019, Oregon State University

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    Favorite fluid flow: Dynamic stall

    Favorite food: Italian

    Favorite sports team: FC Barcelona

Graduate students

  1. Justin King petting a horse

    Justin King

    PhD candidate

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    Favorite fluid flow: Eddies in a river

    Favorite tv show: It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

    Favorite book: Of Human Bondage

    Favorite travel spot: San Diego, CA

    Favorite Stooge: Curly

    Favorite food: Sushi

    Favorite sport: Basketball

  2. Seth Brooks and his family

    Seth Brooks

    PhD candidate

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    Favorite fluid flow: Dynamic stall

    Favorite food: Pad thai

    Favorite pet: Dog >> cat (advisor note: πŸ™„)

    Favorite beverage: Coffee... and more coffee

  3. Youwei Liu posing in front of a Coca-Cola truck

    Youwei Liu

    PhD student


    Favorite fluid flow: Dynamic stall

    Favorite band: Radiohead

    Favorite game: Monster Hunter

    Favorite food: Mille crepe cake

Other labmates

  1. Sareta Gladson hugging her dog

    Sareta Gladson

    Syracuse University class of 2022 (Aerospace engineering)


    Favorite fluid flow: North Pacific Ocean current

    Favorite food: toast

    Favorite book: The Martian

    Favorite place: Sequoia National Park

    Favorite dog: Butters (pictured), but only when he’s not trying to steal foo d from me

  2. Brian Doktorczyk

    Brian Doktorczyk

    MS student, Syracuse University 'class of 20'20 (Aerospace engineering)


    Favorite fluid flow:F1 Y250 vortex

    Favorite fast food: Portillo's

    Preference: Large dogs > small dogs

Graduated Ph.D. students

  1. Swathi Krishna poses with Karen Mulleners and Melissa Green

    Swathi Krishna

    2017 PhD with Karen Mulleners at EPFL (Green co-advised)

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    Thesis title: Unsteady Fluid Dynamics Around a Hovering Flat Plate Wing

  2. Matthew Rockwood being hooded by Melissa Green

    Matthew Rockwood

    2017 PhD

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    Thesis title: Lagrangian Visualization and Real-Time Identification of the Vortex Shedding Time in the Wake of a Circular Cylinder

  3. Yangzi Huang poses with Melissa Green at her Ph.D. thesis defense

    Yangzi Huang

    2017 PhD


    Thesis title: Vortex detection and tracking in massively separated and turbulent flows

  4. Jack Rossetti with his family

    Jack Rossetti

    2020 PhD

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    Thesis title: A method of topology optimization for curvature continuous designs

  5. Han Tu reading a dinner menu

    Han Tu

    2020 PhD

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    Thesis title: Analysis of the flow structure and reattachment over accelerating non-slender delta-wing planforms